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Villainous - Tower Attack Villainous - Tower Attack

Rated 4 / 5 stars


All this time and now there's finally a TD game that I can actually beat, instead of the usual 'play 'til you die'.. I feel like I've accomplished something by taking over all of the lands. Gave the game a purpose. I also liked the upgrade system. I may just be missing something, but if I'm not then it'd be cool if there was some end-game power so you could have a little fun after you've beaten it. Over all, the game was pretty good.

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Zombie Baseball 2 Zombie Baseball 2

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

2 for effort, 1 for the idea

First off, the overall idea of the game seems fun, just want to give you that.

Alright, now I'm not expecting you to take this nicely anyway, so I'm not gonna be very nice about it.

I played through the first level of this game, and was done after that.

The lines were kind of weird. Anytime I wanted to stop, there was no way to, and I'd end up getting stuck in a pile of zombies. Also, didn't really seem to be any point in the lines if you could just spam baseballs, maybe you could put a limit to the amount of baseballs you have.. that would make the player more inclined to use the combos. You should probably just remove the whole line idea, and have a button swing the bat instead, and don't make it spam-able of course. That or redo the lines, and think of a better way.

The hostages look like they were going to back me up, yet didn't do crap. I know I only played first level, but if you didn't have them help at all, maybe should choose a different image for that.

The animation in this game was horrible. It seemed like it was just thrown together so it'd barely work for the game. Really needs smoothing, and more frames need to be added, maybe try some easing also. Not much of an animation if there are 2 images just slapped together. Even tho that can look okay in some games, but it didn't suit this one very well.

The graphics weren't too bad themselves, if they had been animated better, that could have been a better part of the game.

Game play was very disappointing. I gave one point for the idea, because it seems like it could turn out to be a fun game. The jumping really didn't seem to have a point aside from the combos, and if that's all it was for.. you should just have the combo's jump themselves, instead of bitching about it not being a platformer. The zombies were really boring. All they ever did was walk up slowly and then eat you. I noticed you mentioned that is because they are stupid zombies. True, but a lot of zombie games like Left 4 Dead, or Resident Evil have a variety in their zombies. A single enemy with no variation causes the game to get old very quickly. Maybe add a zombie that runs at you quickly? Or one that is impervious to baseballs, at least SOME sort of variety.

When I started this game, I added my points, but noticed, there was no way to reverse where I had spent my points. That can be very annoying to some people. They might lag and click more than once, and end up screwing up how they wanted to actually spend their points.

"Perfect Controls"... not so much. Even in games that are fun, controls can be hardly ever credited "perfect". Aside from that tho, they weren't even good. They are way to stiff and jerky, really uncomfortable to play. Instant movement isn't bad, but there seemed to be a conflict when landing then trying to move to one side.

There was no tutorial. Sometimes people don't put a tutorial option on the menu, and then have it automatically start when you start a new game, or ask if you want one. But if you aren't going to be very clear about how to do things like selecting a bat that you've unlocked, then you should at least add a tutorial. I had unlocked a new bat, and there was no way to use it. Unless that became available between levels.. but I wasn't going to wait to find out. Also, when I tried to check if the pause button had a menu I could select the bat from, I couldn't even do that, I had to click outside the game to actually hit the pause button.

I gave you 2 points for effort. This was because, you successfully finished a game with an original idea, not an easy thing to do.

Well I hope you take some of this into consideration, but highly doubt you will. Seriously, critique may be pretty harsh at times, but you should always consider the person's point. Going back and making a stupid reply that only contains whining and bitching isn't anyway to deal with a critique. Figured a 33 year old would know this but I guess acting like a little bitch is the mature thing to do.

Urkel responds:

Well, the real fun of the game is to make chained combos, and it's impossible to begin to do them if you don't complete the first level.
Anyway, the game is an awesome play if you give a real chance to it, but since the first contact annoys the Flash players I understand the concerns.